TAREO provides education, information access, and ICT knowledge in several locations across Tanzania, especially to poor and rural communities. Our services give people the skills necessary to secure better and higher-paying jobs, improve their living circumstances, and develop a responsible political voice with which to secure their social and economic rights.


Projects, services and centers

Since our foundation in 2002 we have established many ongoing projects throughout Tanzania. We currently offer education in our rural schools, professional ICT courses for young and adults and IT support for individuals and companies. To be available in as many locations as possible, we are running several centers.

About TAREO and Tanzania

Tanzania is a diverse nation: culturally, ecologically, and economically. There’s a large gap between wealthier urban populations and poorer rural ones. TAREO’s mission is to close this gap by teaching members of rural and impoverished groups skills that will improve their quality of life. Read more about the situation in Tanzania, our hard-working team and our organization itself.

Our Strategy

A fundamental principle behind TAREO’s outreach programs is what we call “Learning to Learn.” Just bringing money and ICT devices to the people isn’t sustainable. One part of our strategy is to provide training along with technology so the people who receive them have the skills to use these tools. As a result they can use modern technologies to massively improve their daily lives.

Support Us!

Located in a poor country with lacking governmental aid structures, TAREO relies on support from individuals and organizations to continue our outreach. We heartily thank those who contribute to TAREO’s mission, may they be supporters, sponsors or volunteers. Every helping hand is deeply appreciated and we would be glad if you would join our efforts!