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Our Team

TAREO endeavors to represent the public’s best interests, and we focus on issues such as digital divide, children and youths empowerment, education and technology, health, social welfare and global humanitarian outreach. The primary purposes of the board is to ensure the organization is on track in regard to meeting its goals, as well as to craft policies supporting those goals.

TAREO wouldn’t be possible without the help of countless people. Our centers and projects need a lot of man- and womanpower and we’re happy about every single helping hand. We cannot list every single person but here you find the most active ones listed.

Administration and Teachers

An organization like ours needs people to shift tasks, resources and information from one point to another. The administrative people keep TAREO running and constantly developing.

Our teachers are the deliverers of the education we want to bring to people and communities suffering from poverty and discrimination.

  • Picture of Thadei M. Msumanje Thadei M. Msumanje
    Founder & CEO
  •  Madam Gema Mkenda
    International Program Coordinator
    No record found.
  • Mis  Gladness Kikalao
    Programme Officer – Capacity Building
  • Mr Boniface Mmbando
    Public Engagement Manager

  •  Ms Elly  Kileo
    Information Management Assistant
    No record found.
  • Picture of Paul John Gaspar

  • Mr Paul John
    Programme Officer – Policy Analysis
    No record found.
  • Ms Mis
    Administrative Assistant
    No record found.

  •  Mr Gamalie
    Instructor and Program Officer
  •  Mr Baraka
    No record found.
  •  Mr Joseph Dismass
    Instructor ICT
    No record found.
  • MR Hamza Elias
    Office and library attendant
    No record found.
  • Ms Eliza
    Head ECD and Language instructor
    No record found.
  • Picture of Finance Mis Levina
    Himo Aministrative and Accounts Assistant
    No record found.
  • Picture of Lightness Massawe MR Innocent
    Himo Center Manager
    No record found.
  • Mr Maximin Ernest

Volunteers & Field students

Without volunteers the world would look a lot grayer. They are helping us with special tasks and provide teachers with new insights and inspiration. We offer many possibilities to engage as a volunteer inside TAREO.