Having a website is a huge income-booster for companies, a perfect presentation platform for highly motivated individuals and an amazing way to find publicity and supporters for organizations. Especially in Tanzania it’s an enormous chance to be available on modern channels. As a trustworthy and well-known organization in Tanzania, we are happy to be able to offer these services.

For all of them we offer affordable and high-quality webhosting and domains.

Small introduction into webspace and domains

A webspace is the service where you can put your website data and files to. It’s like a small computer in a data center but with high-speed internet access. You can access your files with a FTP application like FileZilla. If you’re a little bit experienced with Linux, there’s also the possibility to manage your webspace with SSH.

A domain is the name which you type into your browser. For example, google.com is the domain name google with the domain ending .com. Without a domain, your visitors could not visit your website easily.


Unlike other providers in Tanzania, we don’t offer several confusing bundles with different restrictions. There is one package for one price only with everything you need!

Bundle Price per year
TAREO Webhosting

  • 10 Gigabytes space for files and emails
  • Unlimited website traffic
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unlimited Email accounts
  • Unlimited add-on domains
  • Daily automatic backups
  • Full SSH access
  • Basic web administration panel
40.000 TZH (13€)


We also offer a broad range of domain names. The price depends on the ending (.com, .org, .co.tz…). Each domain is valid for one year and has then to be extended again.

Here are the most popular domain names:

Domain ending Country / Meaning Price per year
.com Commercial 30.000 TZH 13,5€
.net Network 30.000 TZS 13,5€
.org Organization 32.000 TZS 15€
.co.tz Tanzania 32.000 TZS 15€
.eu Europe 25.000 TZS 10€
.info Information 33.000 TZS 16€
.biz Business 32.000 TZS 15€
.click Click 23.000 TZS 9€
.space Space 25.000 TZS 10€
.work Work 22.000 TZS 8€
.africa.com Africa 90.000 TZS 40€
.co.ke Kenia 150.000 TZS 73€
.ws Samoa / Website 22.000 TZS 8€
.de Germany 20.000 TZS 7€

If you are interested in other domain name endings, please just write us an email for more information.

Order and Payment

To order one of our services, please just visit our main office in Moshi/Kilimanjaro, call us or write us an email at webhosting@nulltareo-tz.org.

You can pay by cash in our office, by bank transfer or with PayPal. All payment has to be done in advance (prepaid).