Tanzania Rural Empowerment Organization-TAREO is Non-Governmental Organizations established in 2000 and official registered in 2008 by 4 founder-members. To-date the NGO has grown in numbers to more than 10,000 members, working in more than 10 regions in Tanzania mainland and facilitates numbers of local projects with local and grassroots organizations countrywide.

TAREO believes that there is a link between the extreme poverty and the inability to access information, education and skills. Consequently, individuals find themselves limited in their capacity to engage in poverty alleviation strategies. Our focus is to partner with other stakeholders and grass roots to remove these limitations by empowering.


TAREO holds itself to the highest levels of integrity and has a strong commitment to the following values:

  1. Leadership and community empowerment – TAREO strives for top results in the initiatives it undertakes; stepping forward with innovative ideas, bringing together new partners and staying on the cutting edge of innovations through involving stakeholders for solution of their challenges.
  2. Partnership – TAREO is part of a larger team; working with stakeholders, government donors, collaborating agencies and others to combine resources, strengths and skills to achieve success.
  3. Accountability – We are committed to achieving the highest level of transparency and ethics in all aspects including financial, management and partnership activities undertaken – holding itself responsible to donors, partners and beneficiaries of its programmes.
  4. Respect – TAREO  puts respect for the people of rural Tanzania specific children, youths and women  first – revering diversity, valuing strengths and skills and working collaboratively with the beneficiaries of its products and programmes.
  5. Passion – Our Staff maintain personal and professional enthusiasm for their work, and are driven by a sense of purpose and a desire to do all that they can to help improve the social conditions of Tanzanian families.
Our Strategy

A fundamental principle behind TAREO’s outreach programs is what we call “Learning to Learn.” Just bringing money and ICT devices to the people isn’t sustainable. One part of our strategy is to provide training along with technology so the people who receive them have the skills to use these tools. As a result they can use modern technologies to massively improve their daily lives.

About TAREO and Tanzania

Tanzania is a diverse nation: culturally, ecologically, and economically. There’s a large gap between wealthier urban populations and poorer rural ones. TAREO’s mission is to close this gap by teaching members of rural and impoverished groups skills that will improve their quality of life. Read more about the situation in Tanzania, our hard-working team and our organization itself.

Whom we  work with us?
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Located in a poor country with lacking governmental aid structures, TAREO relies on support from communities and organizations to continue our outreach. We heartily thank those who contribute to TAREO’s mission, may they be supporters, sponsors or volunteers. Every helping hand is deeply appreciated and we would be glad if you would join our efforts!

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