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There’s never been a more exciting time to work for General ICT
Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are a potentially revolutionary means of empowering the poor. Realizing this potential will require investments that increase access to ICTs in remote low productivity areas and the development of innovative applications that cater to the needs of the poor and small firms.

The private sector cannot alone be expected to underwrite the costs of these developments thats why Tanzania established (2020) the specifi ministry that deal with Science and Technology (www… If Government does not support these public investments, economic disparities will rise, undermining social stability and future growth.

Digital communications technologies in Tanzania transform how we connect and engage locally and world around us, creating opportunities in every area of contemporary life. But as often as these technologies are used to foster learning as too many people—particularly those who have historically been excluded or marginalized—aren’t able to access, benefit from, or influence digital platforms. The governance and use of technology are implicated in nearly all the drivers of inequality, underscoring the extent of this problem.

TECH-GROUP TANZANIA  believe in equal access to, and fair regulation of, digital technology that is designed to advance transparency, privacy, access to knowledge, and free expression for all people. As the speed of global technological change and innovation outpaces public understanding  as technology continues to reshape relationships between citizens, governments, civil society organizations, and corporations—our work focuses on ensuring no digital divide in Tanzania while every aspect uses it..

To ensure that technology develops to meet the needs of the public, we support the growth of technically sophisticated, diverse organizations dedicated to advancing equitable and more inclusive digital spaces and systems. And we seek to develop the technological capacity from individual to organizations, key to strengthening the impact of their vital work in today’s environment.