Kyomu Dispensary

TAREO ask other stakeholders to participate and partners in improving and building a community dispensary (Kyomu health clinic) in Moshi Rural Kilimanjaro Tanzania.

Detailed Project Description

The project will involves the improving the old dispensary  and construction of  required buildings for  dispensary as the population of the area now is about 20,000 people. * Villages (Majengo, Kyomu, Ghona,Mikameni, Kochakindo, Soko and Kalimani ) all get medical and health services in this dispensary. The improvement of this dispensary even to expand to :KAHE WARD Health Centre”  will remove the barrier to access health services in Kahe East and West community and hence the reduced high cases of child/maternal mortality, malaria, diarrhea, HIV/AIDS which includes prevention of mother to child transmission during birth, and malnutrition. The dispensary will manage to  provide health services which will improve the health and development of the community people, most importantly, women and children which are the most vulnerable group to access health services. Provision of medical care during pregnancy, at delivery and under 5 five year children is essential for the survival of both the mother and their infants/children. The health center will increase focus on the aspect of Primary Health Care  the following programs:

Maternal and child health care, including family planning and normal deliveries
Women of child bearing age are the prime targets for the health care delivery. Maternal health will be given a top priority in this project. Through mothers children are reached and consequently their health situation will also be improved. Maternal health care is a key element in health delivery; it is an integrated curative, promotion and prevention service which reduces deaths, diseases and disabilities among children and women of child bearing age. This project will provide comprehensive health education for mothers. It will provide opportunities for family planning to men and women, and will provide care for women before, during and after delivery.
In additional the Centre will save the disability ,marginalized and poor children within the area.

The partnership and support will help in renovating the existing Dispensary include Construction of main building with:

● Prenatal, labor and postnatal rooms
● Consultation/screening room
● Dressing room
● Recovery room
● Family planning room
● Decontamination room
● Medical staff and medical supply storage
● Incinerator
● LaboratoryKitchen

● Toilets for medical staff and patients
● Linen room
● Reception and triage


How To Donate ,participate Volunteers or partner with us?
Please contact us through our   or   WhatsApp (+255) 717 15 7640

Kindly send us details on how you would participate!