HIMO ICT CENTER ,MIT AND TAREO works to reduce technological inequalities, particularly in the rural Tanzania. As part of refining our work and improving the effectiveness and outcomes of projects, we have intensified our work in a number of local schools and villages  in Kilimanjaro  that allow technological projects to better-thrive given school policies, electrical access and a range of other environmental factors.

Whilst focusing our work to where it can be most effective, we have been refining our training and monitoring processes; arguably two of the most important components to an educational technology-for-development project. We now work to ensure that training taking place during the project’s life, will not only have benefits in the life of the youths and school staffs, but also once the project concludes and well into the future. This sustainability is created through our training process with VETA accreditation.

We have three main types of beneficiary in our educational projects; Group 1 is staff from our chosen technology partner schools  who often have relatively better skills, but still require development; Group 2 is made up of students,youths and adults from schools, home and working places each one we work with for a given project; Group 3 consists of drop out students ,young girls  who from one way or other stopped to continue with school and ICT benefiting them as most of them get employed in stationary, supermarkets and any other many places need computer literacy.

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