According to the United Nations, school closures in 85 countries to contain the spread of Covid-19 are disrupting the education of over 776 million learners globally. Tanzania and other countries across sub-Saharan Africa have closed schools to prevent further spread of the virus. We have been thinking about what TAREO  (Moshi Institute Of Technology-MIT, KIDT-VTC Moshi and MAJENGO KIDS AND YOUTH TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL  can do at this while the world is finding the solutions while  continued education and learning while schools are closed. We’ve had many conversations with people across these countries who are concerned about the short-term and long-term effects that this will have on the pre-existing learning crisis across the continent.

These are numbers of quick solutions that we  have committed  taking at this time include;

  1. We are offering our home learning guide books and  kids  edutainment content- as well as educational videos to support health and hygiene– for free, to any one in Tanzania and partners who can share it with communities in need. Please contact  for more details on the terms and conditions as well as links to the content call 0717157640.
  1. We officially launched our online/web based  learning platform , and we are working to populate it with even more content and guidance for all kindergarten, primary ,secondary and vocational trainees and students  to use at anywhere, home or at school  to support  home learning . KIDT OR MIT  Toolkit is a large library of quality, vocational skills learning -made early learning materials and educational

These materials are currently available in Swahili and English. These toolkit serve as teaching aids for the purpose of improving the quality of instruction with self kerning modal,  play-based visual and audio learning. We have arranged the resources according to course/class, subjects ,modules and practical guide session, so it’s easy for you to find what you are looking for. Just follow this link to log in/sign up, and explore and download our resources.


  1. We are also working with other education and learning partners to create an inventory of learning resources to distribute on our YouTube channels, TAREO Toolkit platforms, and broadcast channels.
  2. We In the long-term, we plan to create even more health-related content and skills self learning that will support public awareness and practices around hygiene and infectious disease prevention while creating self employment for youths.

This is just the start, and now more than ever, we need to come together as ambassadors for children and youths across Africa and support out-of-school children and youths continued learning at home. Please share this with your network and all relevant parties. We will share updates on the progress and any other initiatives that we and other partners make around this issue.

Remember, “we do it for creating innovate generation”!

Coronavirus: Je unafahamu njia sahihi ya kuosha mikono yako



Pass through the story picture as TAREO visited numbers of family in more than 30 villages in 5 regions in Tanzania mainland from March 2020

The story begin here;
“That first case, a female, had traveled from Tanzania to Belgium on 3rd March and returned on the 15th March. She took a taxi to Arusha town where she locked herself in a room to self-quarantine but later called government officials who took her for treatment. From there everyone heard about Covid-19 and the story,infection,campaign and many more begins”

TAREO distributed and painted some posters around the village. As number of people donot have mask ,some decided t use traditional banana tree leaves. After school closed some of the rurall childrem work in the horticulture farms. Social distances campaign and practices demonstrated in some villages in Moshi rural district.
some people in the village they have no much information about Covid-19.Local business still going on Local hand wash Innovation done by the villagers to help in gathering situations in rural. We teach Rural children to stay home and wash their hands with soap and this seems to be practiced by rural children Not all family can afford  getting quality and recommended hand washing facilities but everyone in rural Tanzania should get information.
Why Tanzania’s rural areas have remained safe from corona virus??:

We believe that with the support of our partners we will win the war against corona virus (Covid-19)  in Tanzania

Our aim: Preventing infections and fighting against the corona virus in Tanzania, with main emphasis on rural areas and areas with poor medical and medial access. We will provide rural villages with hundreds of informational posters about the corona virus, to fight against misinformation or lack of knowledge on the topic. Furthermore we request friends,partners and those interesting to donate facilities for hand washing stations, as well as appropriate soap.

From may 2020 we are organizing the way we would get mask-“BARAKOA” to distribute in social gathering places like church,mosque,market and local shops and supplies.