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The Foundation supports projects in five distinct ‘thematic’ areas:

1. Building research capacity in Community  education: A major component of this focus area comprises the indigenous educational basing on their environment and understanding of nature.
2. Supporting innovation in schooling: The Foundation work close with community schools, innovative school projects that are capable of making an impact and going to scale through replication of their model by others or through co-investment from the state. The state, where possible, should be encouraged to support the project and take ultimate ownership of the model in the medium- to long-term.
3. ECD – building the foundation: Early Childhood Development (ECD) is without doubt the most neglected sector in the entire education system. Formal state coverage of the 1- 6 age group is very low, and so the new focus of innovative ECD NGOs is to focus on non-center based provision, primarily through supporting parents (mothers) and the family (older siblings) to provide a conducive environment for ECD to succeed.
4. In defense of democracy: this entails the fight against corruption, threats to the development, quality education and restrictions on press freedom, and political intolerance of open debate on contentious issues. It also includes attempts to enable ordinary people to access and achieve their basic socio- economic rights as defined by the United republic of Tanzania Constitution.

Building opportunities for post-school youth: the issue of accessing the first job is the most central challenge facing unemployed post-school youth in Rural Tanzania. Failure to access the first job has the power to condemn young people into permanent unemployment.  


Project Proposal For Innovative Rural School

It is our aim to impart education to rural children in the  rural Tanzania. Provision of entrepreneurial, vocational, child-centered education is our object. Education should be interesting, meaningful and should also be near to real life. Further, it is our motto that financial constraints should not be a hurdle for getting proper education. The teachers should be the friendly guides to the natural growth and development of the children. Self reliance should come to the child from them.

Construction of School Building & Learning Resource centers Project:

Tanzania after realizing the fact that education is a sure means towards the improvement of the country’s economy; it formulated the Education and Training Policy year 1995 which integrated in the formal school system what was called. This is for children aged between 3 years and 6years. The major objective is to introduce pre-schools in every primary school. The government wants these pre-schools to be run by local governments, private institutions and individuals to build and operate pre-schools. The major objective of initiating per-schools is to bring up children by promoting and enriching the experiences so far acquired by the children from community and family in such areas as religion, languages, culture, health care etc.

It is from this need that TAREO builds its foundation to explore this opportunity by coming up with a vision of setting up the Center for early childhood to access which will help to prevent stunted cognitive development of child and is reputed for facilitating better future performance in school.The same buildings used by “Youths and communities to learn and practices skills and ICT as major solution to unemployment challenges in Tanzania

TAREO resource and learning centers  will offer per-primary education, primary education and Vocational Training skills.