Supporters and Volunteers

With our diverse work in the field of education and ICT-support we help a lot of people in the area around or centers and beyond. To achieve our goals, we also depend on the help of our sponsors, partners and volunteers. Following individuals, organizations and companies support us to help people in Tanzania:

How to support us?

We’re active in many fields of supporting the Tanzanian rural population in improving their lifes by education with modern technologies. Because of the hindering natural conditions we have to be present on-site so people can attend the classes and courses. So we need more rural schools which means: At least one classroom, computers, solar power systems for sustainable and stable electric supply, play grounds and workforce by volunteers and professionals.

We also invite other organizations to adapt the time-proven strategy “Learning through ICT” in other schools and similar facilities. Of course we can provide strategical support and our experience in this area of education. Please contact us if you are interested in joining us!

Volunteer with us!

We can use any kind of support to fulfill our enormous goals. If you want to help us with your working power locally or remotely, please feel free to contact us. We are thankful for the many volunteers who help us making the world a little bit better.

For volunteers on-site our field of activity offers many possibilities to help. You can assists teachers with preparing their lessons, help us with getting in touch with new sponsors, improving our technical infrastructure and much more. Just contact us for more information on your possible future ways of volunteering.