Rural Community Library

Majengo village Community Library is a small and focus to be successful library in Rural Tanzania specific Kahe wards, Moshi rural district in Tanzania.

As the library is within Majengo Kids and Youth Technology School and Majengo VTC premises, the services and support will direct benefit the following groups;







  1. More than 100 children enrolled in kindergarten and day care annually.
  2. More than 2000 youths enroll them in the center for development studies and innovation skills.
  3. Moe than 150 households in Kahe east and west ward.
  4. Pupils and students from 7 primary schools  around the areas  (Majengo, Kyomu, Ghona, Mabiranga, Kiterini, Soko and Kochakindo primary schools)
  5. Secondary school students and staffs from three community schools within the area teachers (Ghona, Chongi and Mangoto sec schools).

The most benefiting group are farmers and women who need to access information, reads and learn more about their economic activities and related issues.

Current the establishment of the library is under support of Book feeding organization and the Majengo community

The launch of the permanent library, in collaboration with book feeding organization will be a big step. Once established will be  open until 6 pm  but later if we would get solar power it would be open till 8pm and the proposed   room would accommodate for up to 40 community at once and during the day and morning  could also accommodate children and school students . Our source of books will depend on donors within and outside Tanzania, outside Tanzania and even from other local and international association and individuals.

Library vision

It is a community and children gathering place for knowledge enrichment for the local community and serves as a window to the world via via books knowledge and late Internet technologies. Reading readiness and reading skills will be offered as supplemental to community basing on their activities like farming horticulture, beekeeping, animal husbandry and fiction and non fiction for schools children as well as literacy programs for adults.


Our main reading and library contents will include the following type of texts and readings even though later as we grow we would have solar power and computer with internet where the community would get numbers of online resources and could read through the internet.

To become Majengo Community Libaray and rural resource centre  to help more than 20,000 population in KAHE WARD  we need these books and readings


    • Environment Home
    • Fuel-efficient Cook stoves
    • Forest Conservation
    • Fish Conservation
    • Tree Planting
    • Fruit Tree Project
    • Sweet Potato Project
    • More Info: Environment
    • readings focus climatic changes

    • Education Home
    • Pre-schools
    • Primary Schools
    • Secondary School
    • adult education
    • Adult Literacy
    • various skills for rural development
    • vocational skills

    • Healthcare Home (Aids and other disease)
    • Disabilities and Rehabilitation Project
    • first Aid and child care
    • Family Planning and Sexual Health
    • More Info: Healthcare

  • Library Solar system or power
  • Computers and  ICT facilities
  • TV and learning Audio and Video
  • Photocopier machine
  • Printer

Library patrons

The people who  use the library most are the communities, students and teachers KAHE WARDS and 7 schools around the areas, but increasingly, primary and pre-school children will also using the library. Local residents  use it regularly, too. The library  serve all in the community — from those who are able to read, to the newly literate, to those who want to learn to read and write.

How We  Work

Till now we work manually, children,youths and community come and read few books we have especially those donated by Book feeding through volunteers coming  Tanzania. Once community meet they share  ideas and discussing their daily challenges and the way  MAJENGO COMMUNITY LIBRARY CAN SUSTAIN as soon as we get all required facilities and resources .


  • Majengo kyomu village
    Kahe east ward,
    PO Box 8734 Moshi,Kilimanjaro
    +255 67809 36 37

    Community development volunteers will assist organizations working in a wide range of fields. Volunteers in these placements will be primarily focused on helping organizations achieve our  goals and objectives. Helping to increase exposure and awareness regarding the organization, assisting with facility maintenance and construction, helping out around the office and working to improve existing administrative procedures or to assist with raising funds for the organization both locally and internationally. Education volunteers  working in education will  choose from placements in a traditional classroom setting at a local school or placements in less conventional settings such as tutoring at a local groups  or providing vocational training for adults.

    Volunteer do not require a formal background in education. Naturally, some of the more specialized positions such as a Computer Teacher  and  English to help improve the English skills of the students.