Our Apartments and Hostels


TAREO APARTMENT AND HOLIDAY COTTAGE is a little country side of Moshi town but still with CBD surrounded by local communities as home of the people. Transportation by Pikipiki (Motorcycle) or Bajaji (Tuktuk) or own car to and from Moshi town is easily found. Taking a Bajaji with the route MAJENGO-KWAMTEI, you will take around 5 minutes from Moshi town (bus station) to arrive at the place from where it is close and which is only 1.000-2,000 by public transport or 10,000 by hiring the car or Bajaji

We offer transportation but if you ask we can arrange which will be charged additionally. It is a quiet place, where you can relax or enjoy the nature by Kilimanjaro. You can make your own Breakfast, meals by cooking or bring to the house. Internet at the moment is not available, once available would be charged additionally.

There is one bedroom with bathroom, sitting room and small kitchen with some cooking facilities. This bathroom does not provide hot water and is equipped with a squat toilet. Towels and bed linen are provided :  For more details download   more details

FOR MORE DETAILS CALL /WHATSAP—+255717157640          Email——–majengo@nulltareo-tz.org/ msumanje32@nullgmail.com