Agriculture & Farming

When we started TAREO as the foundations, in 2008 we welcomed many warm, kind, and very poor people in our lives who looked to us to lead them toward a brighter future. This journey has lead us to appreciate more, to want less, and has brought an increased self-awareness of our own lives. We offer ICT ,Health, Farming and many more vocation training to individuals and groups  with the fundamentals of education, we bring healthcare and teach families the importance of gender equality, and we deliver essential technology in the form of computers and TV , water, and communication. What we are after is improving lives and developing communities together through cooperation and collaboration. Whether it’s through financial support, moral support, or volunteering, you are with us and part of our community.Majengo Village women planting rice

Given the rapid development of the organic market and consumer concern for greener and safer agricultural practices, TAREO initiating and building strong interest in the promotion of organic farming in Both Urban and rural Tanzania . However, the relatively weak uptake by farmers suggests that the enabling environment for conversion to organic practices is not yet optimal. Our foundation is actively promoting Good Agriculture Practices and other sustainable agriculture initiatives among farmers for efficient production of safe and high-quality food and non-food products.

TAREO Efforts is to Link Farmers to Agribusiness in Tanzania and its possible once more stakeholders join in our focus ares below.

Increase in Horticulture and vegetable production to  add value. Empowering youths  Through Agriculture Empowering Women Through Agriculture