TAREO  supports youths  that are working with their own communities to build smart, sustainable, and potentially scalable solutions to the challenges faced by children and youth in rural Tanzania.


Our local management and staff (located at MOSHI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY,-MIT, MAJENGO VTC,MAJENGO KIDS AND YOUTH TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL  and KIDT VTC MOSHI ) have active and long standing relationships with existing schools, communities, community based organizations, and officials. The majority of these  staff have been a part of TAREO  Foundation for over 10 years with expertise implementing programs in extreme rural environments. Each local organization is independently governed by an all volunteer and contributing board of directors leveraging best practices and contextually relevant programming. 100% of the Local  Board of Directors provides  support and guide local  strategy.VIJANA WA KITANZANIA WALIO WEZESHWA NA ASASI YETU-TAREO


In 206/17  TAREO developed and facilitate implementation of a multi-year action plan. In 2018, we conducted a seven-point organizational assessment and facilitated an organizational growth plan to meet our 2020-25 vision and multi-year plan. This plan is being actively implemented. Available upon request


Key investing, corporate, and implementing partners provide financial and organizational support to fulfill our mission at exceptionally low administrative costs (less than 10%) while also being instrumental at raising awareness.  We are a 100% secular, non-political foundation. While we gratefully accept funding from various  organizations, we do not accept funding requiring TAREO to promote either a specific religious or political viewpoint

Our model:

We are a strong, vibrant, and engaged global team committed to empowering rural youth to confidently address life’s challenges and opportunities, thrive in the global economy, and catalyze positive change. Because complex system challenges require system solutions, we deliver an ecosystem model of interconnected programs that encourage, educate, train, and apply knowledge to life challenges. Programs are managed by local staff and delivered in concert with global support and key partners in the communities where we work.



The ultimate goal of  TAREO for youths  is to see every individual member fulfill his or her own dreams and therefore it mobilizes Tanzanian youth talents towards tapping their full potentials.


We arrange the institution’s and community development activities around young people as the center of our attention as well as we take charge of making decisions that affect their lives.


Young people are encouraged to take charge of their lives. We do this by addressing them in their current situation and then taking action in order to improve their access to resources and transform their consciousness through their beliefs, values, and attitudes.


From planning to execution of our tasks, our members are fully involved and take all responsibility.

Over 7,000 youths  helped to date and you can help us reach 20,000 youth  in 2020-21!!


The management of TAREO  would  like to inform the general public that we work with youth who interesting to volunteer mainly in ICT,Training,Entrepreneurship .For more information and how to apply send email with heading—–“application form for volunteering” to