Our Strategy

Learning through ICT

“Learning to Learn” – this has been our strategy from the very beginning and the goal of our various programmes and activities. We achieve this by getting the rural people in touch with information and communication technologies to shrink the massive gap between the poorest people and the rest of Tanzania and the world.

Just bringing ICT devices to Tanzania is not enough. Technological infrastructure and support are not universally available, and issues of access are regularly cited as problematic by people wishing to increase their use of ICT. In many rural areas particularly, infrastructure is a very poor and not available like in urban areas. Out goal is to improve the situation by providing rural communities with technology directly and offering necessary education to use these devices correctly and sustainably. Both the information and communication aspects of ICT can help those who live in rural areas compensate to some extent for the “tyranny of distance” and lack of facilities they have to endure.

The rural ICT centre is actively attempting to improve the quality of knowledge, living conditions and income of rural communities by the help of modern technologies. Rural farmers can use the internet facilities not only to communicate but also to acquire knowledge on agriculture. The culture of using technologies to acquire first hand professional knowledge and keep up-to-date with fluctuating product prices have great influence on massivly improving the quality of their livelihood.

The areas of intervention of this project are located around our centers in Moshi (Kilimanjaro region), Himo and Majengo. People living in these areas suffer from an extreme lack of information access. We improve this condition by proving internet access and ICT education.