Ghona Community sec school

IMG_4533The Ghona sec  School (pictured left) are in girls hostel ,new toilets, electricity for school ,and office  lighting , , and a library, which TAREO  is loking the partners and other educational stakeholders to support the community  initiative of implementing these activities.. The cultural attitude towards women in Tanzania is very difficult as fewer than 1/3 of the girls who enter secondary school (the equivalent to our high school) will graduate. According to UNICEF 1 in 10 girls in secondary school experience sexual assault by a teacher. The Ghona  sec School has more than  three hundred students, and very few teachers  and they are happy to see TAREO  working there.

This school was  built by local communities from 7 villages  with limited access to building supplies. With the new government, supplies are able to reach more rural areas, however, the old pit latrines (pictured below) pose great risk and are known to collapse even with students inside.

TAREO continues to focus on fundraising and look for donations and support to build the Girls hostel,,library  and rebuilding school toilet facilities, installing running water, hand-washing stations, and water towers at schools. The local pit latrines are extremely dangerous and pose numerous health hazards including cholera, hepatitis, and other water and sanitation related diseases.