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Dealing with scarce resources

The  majority of Tanzanians live off the land – what grows from its soil, and the species that roam it. But these resources are scarce. Today, a host of problems are hindering environmentally sustainable development in the country, whether on land or at sea.

TAREO lead the Tanzania to understand and find their own solution as majority of Tanzanians rely on wood and agricultural residues for their energy needs, causing deforestation and environmental degradation. The problem, of course, doesn’t stop there. Deforested areas no longer provide a home for wildlife – leading to biodiversity loss – and are also susceptible to soil erosion.

Bee Keeping Project at Majengo-Kyomu village

TAREO is part of the global movement to help protect and grow the endangered bee populations.


We have placed more than 15 hives in Majengo Kahe capable of producing up to 300 pounds (over 600 kg) of honey a year. We are working on building a network across the Majengo community where men will build the beehives in Majengo Kahe and sell wide and far for a profit. In partnership with the adjoining villages- SOKO, MWANGARIA, KOCHAKINDO and KITERINI  as  the men and women in these villages  are experienced beekeepers who have a network for distribution, albeit very small. Our goal is to improve the technology including better hives and processing and build out the Majengo market for honey and beeswax products growing the business far and wide.The current members got trained and now they have all equipment’s and facilities and the project has shown successfully.Working beehiveIMG_6600


Bee hive