Moshi Institute of Technology-MIT

Moshi Institute of Technology -MIT  is an institute as part of TAREO  Community empowerment center that focuses on the future of Information and Communication Technology for children, youths and communities.
As an Institute, our responsibility is to provide a conducive environment for skills building, learning, promoting practical innovation as well as community service. Vocational courses that are offered, have been carefully designed to suite a wide range of clients in a challenging world of Advancing Technology. Individual students have the opportunity to choose courses depending on their interest and convenience.

Our Vision is to become the Best Center of Excellence in Information and Communication Technology in Tanzania. Stay with us, get ICT skills.

On this page, you can see which courses are offered at MIT Moshi and Himo. You can find more information, application forms, brochures and further contact details on a separate page.


  • Director’s Word

     I am delighted that you have decided to visit our website. I am sure you will enjoy browsing through and will find at least an item you didn’t know before.
    M.I.T Center is a newly established Institute by our NGO through donors support and founder members . The Center is made to focus on technology empowerment and digital divide.MIT is the leading institute for computer education in Moshi., conducts outreach programs in various villages in Tanzania mainland ,  We always focus  on market demand and our team alway design different kind of short and extended depending on demand and capabilities details. You can find application forms and brochures here.

What is your placement organization doing?

The Moshi Institute of Technology (MIT) gives computer and English lessons to primary school students (age 7-13) and to secondary school students (age 14-20) include adults and office workers . There are courses for beginners and advanced level. Most of them are none employed youths while others are employees from the lower and middle income level, who want to improve their IT skills.


The other mission for MIT is to make ICT education affordable especially to youth. MIT is offering and conducting different courses, training and seminars. The courses and training include development studies,health , digital skills entrepreneurship and computerized accounting  training. MIT organizes also research and consultancy works mostly helping rural communities where also propose the projects  and activities as the results of case studies, research and findings.

MIT is also offering E­citizen course which is a basic internet course from European Computer Driving License (ECDL) and Microsoft curriculum. Apart from training and short courses the institute offers various services such as, computer repair and maintenance, website designing and hosting, software and system development, system analysis and design, networking configuration, computer educational materials and hardware and software focusing rural schools and community groups..

MIT offers volunteering and interneship opportunities while  foreigners and volunteers can take part in teaching and working with communities in  different sectors like educational,health,finance,management, and business.


We have about four village and local centers in Kilimanjaro regions which offers courses to be offered by MIT. Our rural centers  aim to inspire, and empower citizens to mobilize, organize, challenge and intervene actively and constructively to re-direct the allocation and prioritization of services to favor the most vulnerable and marginalized.

We equip participants with  tools, skills and inspiration that enables them to change their attitudes and behavior by overcoming the cultural, mental, structural and systemic barriers enshrined in the fear to engage and to question.

  1. HIMO ICT CENTRE-Located about 20km from Moshi town just on the way to Mount Kilmanjaro and boarder to Kenya.
  2. Majengo Vocational Training center (located 45km from Moshi town on the way to Tanga-Dar es salaam road )
  3. Majengo Kids and Youth Technology Center -The technology school in rural Tanzania located just close to Majengo Vocational Training center.
  4. Majengo Community Library -The new project under support of Book-feeding (

English Course

Speaking and writing English is very important in today’s modern connected world. We offer professional English courses to improve your abilities in daily contact with clients and company partners. Accomplishing this course will push your future career opportunitiess.

Secretarial Course

These courses are designed for those wishing to acquire full Secretarial and Office Information Technology skills and qualifications for entry into executive, secretarial and administrative positions.

You will aquire competences in usage and knowledge of computers, text processing and special software. After finishing this course you will be prepared to develop initiative, responsibility and methods to deal with a range of situations which may occur during your future work in offices.


Knowledge in accountancy is helpful in almost every situation in your life: Founding an own company, working in one or even for your own household. During the 3 months course we teach you fundamental theories accountancy the usage of popular applications. Afterwards you will be able to manage everything around taxes, su

bsidiary books, correct transaction entries, bank reconciliation and many other fields.

Graphical Designing

Attractive designs are very important for almost every company to improve products, information material or advertisements. In our course you will learn the basic and advanced usage of popular graphic designing applications.

After the course you will be able to handle the application’s workpace, the work with graphical documents, color selections, mask selections, layers, the work with typesets, advanced painting tools and retouching.

IT Networking

We teach students the fundamentals of networking. By hands-on training, students learn vendor-independent networking skills and concepts that affect all aspects of networking, such as installing and configuring TCP/IP clients and servers. This course can be combined with our Specialization in Computer Hardware to serve as an elective for the Microsoft MCSA certification


The main aim of this course is to introduce the fundamental concepts necessary for designing, using, and implementing database systems and applications. Our presentation stresses the fundamentals of database modeling and design, the languages and facilities provided by database management systems, and system implementation techniques.


During the Electronics course you will learn the language of electronics, elements and their functionality. We will analyze and characterize circuits, analog and digital signals, and work with digital systems. Words like counters, timers, diodes, resistors, waveform generators, logic gates and basic feedback theories may be unknow to you now, but after accomplishing this course you will be able to work even with advanced electronic systems.


This course provides adequate knowledge to its participants to enable them to gain employment or be self-employed in the business of maintenance, networking, security and installation of personal computers and servers. You will learn about following things:

  1. Basics (Hardware, BIOS, operating systems, file systems, installation…)
  2. Networking basics (LAN, TCP/IP, various IT network hardware…)
  3. Server Operating system components (DHCP, DNS, web servers, email servers, file exchange…)

Web Designing

To build good-looking websites you will need knowledge about basic web concepts as well as advanced web technologies and programming languages. During this course you will learn about HTML, CSS and PHP, but also about SQL databases. We will also work with special software for website designing and use popular CMS frameworks.

Specialization in Computer Hardware

The Diploma in Computer Hardware (A+ Certification) is one of the most wanted certificates in the Information Technology industry. This program consists of two modules, i.e. A+ PC Support (Core Hardware) and A+ Operating System Technologies. It is open to anyone with knowledge of English. This hands‐on course is our recommended curriculum for those who want to upgrade, repair, maintain and troubleshoot computers in their current or future careers. For example you will learn about: