TAREO throgh  Women’s Organization unit in MAJENGO-KYOMU VILLAGE,KAHE WARDS established under support of Kilitech foundations (www.kilitech.org)  rural  women from 8 villages Majengo,Kyomu,Ghona ,Kochakindo, Soko, Mangoto ,Kilototoni and  Mwangaria , and other villages out of Kilimanjaro regions. Membership is open to all interested in the welfare of women.
It works jointly with other local and non-governmental organizations as well as government agencies and offices involved with the welfare of women and  girls.

Objectives of the  TAREO Women Organization

The main objectives  include:

    • Creating awareness and appreciation of the various economical, social and rural problems women face in different societies;
    • Creating and promoting understanding and accommodation among different cultures and societies in the community;
    • Assisting and providing consultancy in job creation and income generation activities..
    • Promotion of good and beneficial cultures and traditions.
    • Campaigning against poverty,health and  practices affecting the health of women and children.


Integration and promotion of  social and economic needs:

    • The women gropus carries out cultural exchanges, traditional shows, exhibitions, seminars, discussions to implement this programme.

    • Campaign against poverty reduction and economic empowerment using their available resources.
      Since 2010 the campaign against poverty became the organization’s area of priority. Its aim is through information access,financial access and markert for their products.Also  awareness for health,educational and livelihood among themselves.

Activities include

      1. Capital access and establishing income generation activities and  practice new business venture.
      2. Creating awareness and understanding of ho to fight against poverty.and target entrepreneurship training and skills.
      3. Provide information and resource material to those cant access financial from financial sources include establishing SACCOS,,VICOBA AND GROUP CONTRIBUTION.
      4. Provide consultation to FGM victims and prepare an FGM training aid kit and train trainers.
      5. Strengthen communication and cooperation with other women locally and globally


Pass through the story picture as TAREO visited numbers of family in more than 30 villages in 5 regions in Tanzania mainland from March 2020

The story begin here;
“That first case, a female, had traveled from Tanzania to Belgium on 3rd March and returned on the 15th March. She took a taxi to Arusha town where she locked herself in a room to self-quarantine but later called government officials who took her for treatment. From there everyone heard about Covid-19 and the story,infection,campaign and many more begins”

TAREO distributed and painted some posters around the village.


some of the rural WARD office we painted posts on how to prevent from Covid-19 campaigning ,awareness and education started with women basing on their groups. Social distances campaign and practices demonstrated in some villages in Moshi rural district.
One day before all schools closed in Tanzania Local hand wash Innovation done by the villagers to help in gathering situations in rural. We teach Rural children to stay home and wash their hands with soap and this seems to be practiced by rural children Not all family can afford  getting quality and recommended hand washing facilities but everyone in rural Tanzania uses local way
Why Tanzania’s rural areas have remained safe from corona virus??:

We believe that with the support of our partners we will win the war against corona virus (Covid-19)  in Tanzania

Our aim: Preventing infections and fighting against the corona virus in Tanzania, with main emphasis on rural areas and areas with poor medical and medial access. We will provide rural villages with hundreds of informational posters about the corona virus, to fight against misinformation or lack of knowledge on the topic. Furthermore we request friends,partners and those interesting to donate facilities for hand washing stations, as well as appropriate soap.

From may 2020 we are organizing the way we would get mask-“BARAKOA” to distribute in social gathering places like church,mosque,market and local shops and supplies.