Health Projects


Tanzania has a hierarchical health system which is in tandem with the political-administrative hierarchy.At the bottom, there are the dispensaries found in   village levels  where the village leaders have a direct influence on its running. The health centers are found at ward level and the health center in charge is answerable to the ward leaders. At the district, there is a district hospital and at the regional level a regional referral hospital. The tertiary level is usually the zone hospitals and at a national level, there is the national hospital. There are also some specialized hospitals that do not fit directly into this hierarchy and therefore are directly linked to the ministry of health.


We prioritize stakeholders and project beneficiaries before, during and after launching any project. Participatory approach has been our method in addressing  health community issues.

We always organize meeting  attended by ward development committee  comprise every village chair man ,Village Executive Officers( VEO) ,Development officers from  village  and religious leaders as the primary beneficiaries of our project,activity .awareness or educational we want to implement.

TAREO  Development Network seeks to ensure that the communities  are equipped with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to help them interact effectively with the world and be contributing members of a pluralist society.  We do this by promoting a continuous ladder of lifelong learning, starting from early childhood and extending well into adulthood within their living areas.

Our work:

  • Connecting community and other  organizations include volunteers to work together in village level.
  • Education and further education: We support education and further education campaign to schools and village levels.
  • Educate people  and eliminating dominant malaria sources and courses in East Kahe wards Villages.
  • TAREO offers free of charge information services , posters and flyers from District Medical offices  to the village dispensaries and mobile information regard to health issues and matter (Covid-19 flyers and video started distributed in march 2020).
  • Better health promotion  through health education with a focus on disease specific prevention, nutrition, sanitation, and environmental issue.
TAREO works with Government and other stakeholders to support identified health gaps in needs-JOIN US to partner and support;

  • Health education .
  • Medical support.
  • Poverty and inequalities.
  • Supply of medicines and
  • Luck of Medical Insuarence.


  • Shortage of fully trained
    health staffs.
  • Information regarding to health.
  • Poor  infrastructure  (buildings,road,facilities…)
  • The reproductive health services challenges include family planning, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, Gender Based Violence (GBV), Violence Against Children (VAC), Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C).
  • Harmful traditional practices,


Health Network Programme recruitmentThroughout November 2016, our team drove long distances and spent long days visiting 51 hard-to-reach facilities in Geita, Shinyanga, and Simiyu regions. Image courtesy of Auson Kisanga.


  • Health of individuals, but also health of the community  are given emphasis. The emphasis is on the concept of health and not on medicine. The health of people is dependent upon many factors, for example, on social and economic relations. Stable political systems are important conditions, just like living in good health, with clean water, good income, improvement of the rights of women, education, transportation facilities and respect of human rights; all these are important factors for the health of individuals and the population we consider.
  • Primary Health Care: We are concerned with qualified health services focusing in rural areas. As such we orientate ourselves to the principles and strategies of Primary Health Care and the guidelines of Community Based Health Care/ Development concept. TAREO role is to bring together those stakeholders ,mobilizes resources and  put itself in the position of implementing those principles of health, to analyses their situation and be ready to use the available local means to bring about changes and development.