Health Projects

TAREO Health Project and activities is part of our mission and focus in corporation aiming to bring about critical attitudinal and behavioral changes in addressing and supporting the health and well-being of Rural Tanzanians. The Health Project focuses on improving personal health care practices and supporting population health by reaching children, youths, women and adults where they spend most of their waking hours: at work. We adopted health promotion (wellness) programs that encourage good health habits and improved understanding of how to use health services more effectively by individual  and communities.


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Afyabox intend to provide easy access to health facilities information mostly in rural communities as the quick ways toward improving rural health and health information.

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Once implemented would be the first USSD application in Africa and Tanzania using internet-free mobile technology to provide basic health information in local and native languages starting with Swahili in Tanzania, East Africa.

In collaboration with  medical professionals, doctors, engineers and tech innovators we will develop the the App .

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TAREO NEED TO CREATE Informal Healthcare Providers (IHPs)

Earlier this year TAREO had presentation to Health Stakeholders in Tanzania mainly  outlined the importance of utilizing digital healthcare solutions and Informal Healthcare Providers (IHPs) to reach undeserved communities specific 75% of Tanzanians live in Rural are but with advantages of having mobile and smart phones..

IHPs are a primary source of healthcare in low- and middle- income countries, providing over-the-counter medicines and healthcare services to their customers. IHPs are a trusted and influential source of medical advice in their local communities. In Tanzania alone, numbers of IHPs are serving a population of more than 30m people.

TRANSFORM believes digital innovations such as telemedicine, E-Learning and eCommerce are promising opportunities to improve IHPs’ service delivery and can increase access to health services and products for hundreds of millions of people.


Health Network Programme recruitmentThroughout November 2016, our team drove long distances and spent long days visiting 51 hard-to-reach facilities in Geita, Shinyanga, and Simiyu regions. Image courtesy of Auson Kisanga.


  • Health of individuals, but also health of the community  are given emphasis. The emphasis is on the concept of health and not on medicine. The health of people is dependent upon many factors, for example, on social and economic relations. Stable political systems are important conditions, just like living in good health, with clean water, good income, improvement of the rights of women, education, transportation facilities and respect of human rights; all these are important factors for the health of individuals and the population we consider.
  • Primary Health Care: We are concerned with qualified health services focusing in rural areas. As such we orientate ourselves to the principles and strategies of Primary Health Care and the guidelines of Community Based Health Care/ Development concept. TAREO role is to bring together those stakeholders ,mobilizes resources and  put itself in the position of implementing those principles of health, to analyses their situation and be ready to use the available local means to bring about changes and development.