Among of the activities TAREO  has established numbers of Day cares, Kindergarten,Children learning center and working close with village schools and communities.Headquartered in Majengo-Kyomu is a toprated children learning center focused on helping children break the cycle of poverty and use technology in learning.

Our data-driven approach measures the outcomes of our programs aimed at helping kids graduate healthy, educated, empowered and employed.

  • More than 10years of child sponsorship programs
  • Serving 200,000 children in 10 regions
  • 67 community centers across rural Tanzania
  • 100 local volunteers help children

Give with confidence

We take our responsibility as stewards of your contributions seriously.

We’re proud that 88% of our total expensesgoes directly to the programs and activities that help sponsored children.

How TAREO help and support children in Rural Tanzania?

Through donation,grants and  public charity fund that raises money from foundations, individuals and institutions to support children and community-projects .

Change lasts when it comes from within.

TREO  believes in the power and right of African communities to create lasting change for their own children and youth.TAREO believes that lasting change will come when communities create safe, strong and nurturing environments where children and youth thrive and are able to realize their extraordinary potential.

The best answers are already in the community.

We believe that lasting systemic change for children’s rights and development needs to value and involve community and indigenous institutions such as community-based organizations. Along with global best practices, they must be valued in the role they play in lasting systems shifts for children.

The best support comes from those you know.

TAREO  believes that today, community-based organizations and servant community leaders are the greatest unrealized and unsupported assets in helping communities to create those safe, strong and nurturing environments, thereby changing the long-term trajectory of children and youth in Africa.

We support the change agents.

TAREO believes that, due to their grounding in and understanding of their own communities, community-based organizations (CBOs) are uniquely positioned to work with the key actors in a child’s life: family, community, local institutions, and government agencies.

Change agents = resilient organizations + resilient communities.

TAREO invests in community-based organizations in Africa so that they can work with their own communities to build and realize their visions of sustainable change and true potential for children, youth and community.

We support local organizations with what they need, in the way they need it.

Headquartered in MOSHI KILIMANJARO , TAREO’s core childrenprogram team is based in MAJENGO KIDS AND YOUTH TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL and is supported by MIT team..

We build and share the evidence that it works.

TAREO also gathers evidence, leverages networks, and seeks to influence a global practice of valuing and funding local solutions.

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From making a lasting difference in one child’s life to uplifting a community of thousands, this is your chance to make the world a better place. Help fund one of our many programs that will transform the lives of children in poverty.