About us

Our Mission

TAREO mission is to empower rural communities  with sustainable knowledge to enable them to gain basic and advanced reliable skills. We do this by raising awareness and providing training, workshops, counseling and giving access to education.

Tanzania is a country scarred by political and financial instability. This endangers especially children and teenagers who are already vulnerable per se. We are currently working in several centers where we run various programs to support poor and disadvantaged people to gain important basic and ICT knowledge. Additionally we perform a lot of outreach programs to rural communities which do not have access to these facilities yet.

There is more work that needs to be done to redress the need for access and utilization of resources and services in rural communities in Tanzania. We aim to create sustainable development for the young people and rural communities in Tanzania.

Our Core Values:
  • We are committed to the rural poor.
  • We value people.
  • We are stewards.
  • We are partners.
  • We are responsive.
Our aspiration for kids and youths is that they:
  • Enjoy good health and environment.
  • Are educated for life and be creative.
  • Enjoy the love and skilled knowledge.
  • Are cared for, protected and participating.

The Organization

TAREO, founded in 2002 by 5 Tanzanians, is a national NGO, working in partnership with a number of national networks and partners to maximize the reach of our rural awareness work. Information material such as plain language guides, posters and toolkits are made available to interested partners to use for their own work in the poverty reduction field. In terms of direct intervention and support we are currently active in Moshi’s rural Kilimanjaro regions and have plans to expand our work to other regions in rural Tanzania following consultations with potential partners and supporters.

TAREO is legally registered as an NGO in Tanzania. It is governed by an Advisory Board, which is a large body consisting of those who seek our services, our beneficiaries and those who support our work in any way including those who help to guide our work.

We work in a non-hierarchical way and our staffs work collaboratively to develop core values, mission and vision in guidance with behaviour, internal policies and capacity development. TAREO’s work and strategy setting is performed by 4 bodies with different functions:

Governance Body Involved People Function
Committee of Members Founders and invited persons Ownership
Advisory Board Some are members while others are nominated according to their professions and skills Management
Advisory Council Any suitable person from our project areas and locations Reviewing and Vetting
TAREO Catalyst Assembly All our members and communities whom we share the interests including the offical representatives. Furtherance of our mission and vision

TANZANIA RURAL EMPOWERMENT ORGANIZATION (TAREO) is legally registered as Non Government Organization in Tanzania with registration No. 00NGO/00002649.