Courses & Training

TAREO-  our beneficiaries and client’s best interest would always come first.

Entrepreneurship training

TAREO focus on trainings for skill and entrepreneurs. The training mode is categorized as Start-up, Manage your self and Improve your own ideas.The training mode includes tailor-made training both in house and outdoor, coaching and mentor ship according to our clients’ needs and desires, Management Trainings, Financial Management Trainings,resource management  Training, Trainings and uses of IT skills in every sector.

Market Linkage

Traditional marketing channels are being replaced by coordinated links between producers, processors, retailers & consumers. Consumers are becoming more demanding in terms of quality and safety and demographic and income trends are leading to increased demand for convenience foods & product safety.This is what we guide our beneficiaries.

Acknowledging educational challenges, such as the learning crisis, gender discrimination and the skills gap issue in the rural Tanzania, TAREO has set comprehensive targets that aim to cover quality and inclusive education initiatives, while also focusing on  technology ,gender equity and the development of relevant skills

What we do?

TAREO and its existing skill centers are  experiencing a sharp increase in the demand for  skilled technical workers, as a result  current “Industrial Policy”  in Tanzania,  large-scale foreign capital entering the country and the rapid economic growth which donor favor rural population.

To respond to this change,TAREO cooperate and partners with other foundations from developed countries in supporting  the vocational college, by assisting the construction of practical training facilities, dispatching experts to improve the management of college, holding capacity building trainings, and supporting collaborative programs with academia.

MOSHI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND KIDT VTC  recognized as an outstanding education model’


Skills development is key in stimulating a sustainable development process and can make a contribution to facilitating the transition from the informal to the formal economy. …

TAREO work with curricular developer on how  to bring skill training and education together to create employable youths and graduates:




  • Irrelevant education. Social-economic inequalities and rural-urban disparities have become the main problem of getting a relevant education, Sometimes young people have no opportunity to attend colleges and VET at all.
  • A lack of experience. If you want to get a good job position, you need to have experience in this niche. Most employers look for proficient workers only.
  • Lack of skills. No many schools, colleges, and VETs, but the quality of education here is often not enough to acquire strong skills. This is another problem why grads can’t get a good job.
  • Technology and Communication barriers s. Nowadays you need to network to opportunities.
  • Twisted reality. At the age of 19-21, young people face a psychosocial crisis based on their personal identity and role confusion. It has become hard to realize it is time to leave the  family and start living r own. In short, adolescents need to overcome this obstacle to find a job.